Top Scholarships for International Students at the University of British Columbia

Having the desire to study abroad is a perfect decision for student who wishes to make a huge difference while pursuing his or her educational ambitions, here are some top Scholarships for International Students at the University of British Columbia.

About University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is one of the biggest schools in Canada, and it’s also among that country’s most recognized institutions. With an acceptance rate close to 90%, this university has been at the forefront for decades when it comes down to educating international students around the world about what life here will be like with them achieving admission into UBC either as undergraduates or graduates; there are even scholarships available!

The University has over 90,000 students and this figure includes 50K undergraduate learners in addition to 30K graduate or doctorate level scholars. The institution also made a name for itself by producing some of the best Canadian college graduates in the world.

When it comes to the success of our school and quality produced, then taking a look at some awards is almost comparable to another in Canada. For example, 7 Nobel Prize Winners were produced by McGill University while 70 Rhodes Scholars came from there as well 65 Olympic Medal winners have been awarded which are all quite impressive accomplishments for any university but especially one with such prestigious history like ours here where you can learn about this great legacy right now.

The University has one of the best acceptance rates in Canada, which makes it an excellent choice for students looking to apply.

Top Scholarships Offered in British Columbia for International Students

With a big budget and lots of funding, there are more scholarships available at this university. Students can apply for one or more academic opportunities as well as scholarship funds from the school itself!

There are so many scholarships international students can apply to. Some award is based on academic excellence records and others for demonstrating financial need or lack of means in Canada, which you will want if your goal is getting into the country!

International Entrance Scholarship Award

The University of British Columbia has an international scholarship that’s available to students who are admitted into the school. This is renewable every year, and covers your first three years there; it should be more than enough time for you! To apply simply send in this form with all required documents by 31 October each year. Awards like these can help cover some costs if they’re not already afforded through other scholarships or financial aid programs at home – so make sure to take advantage before someone else gets what could have been yours too.

Outstanding International Student Award

The first year of study at this university is free for academically outstanding students. The scholarship offers access to an internationally recognized, prestigious institution that will greatly enhance your resume and give you more opportunities in life than ever before.

The benefits are endless- not just entry-level but lifetime employment with great earning potentials as well; if these aren’t enough then how do I know what’s right? It doesn’t take much time or money so apply now while there are still available seats left open.

Karen McKellin International Leader of Tomorrow Award

This is yet another scholarship award given out at the University of British Columbia. This time, it’s to help recognize international undergraduate students who show excellent academic performances and great leadership skills while also being involved in student affairs or community service.

Donald A. Wehrung International Student Award

The Donald A Wehrung International Student Award is given to undergraduate international students who have come from war-torn or conflict countries. These candidates will also show great academic records and financial needs, meaning they cannot afford university education without external aid such as scholarships and assistantships
“The prize recognizes those individuals with outstanding academic achievement in their home nation while demonstrating a high level of economic disadvantage.”

The University of British Columbia has two campuses, one near Vancouver and another in the Okanagan. The Point Grey campus is home to many research institutes while other departments are housed at a separate location close by called UBC Okanagan.

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