Top McGill University Scholarships

McGill University Scholarships are available to full-time students who have applied or are applying to study an undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate program. These scholarships are merit-based and will be awarded on academic excellence along with other factors such as language proficiency, ability to contribute financially & diversity.

There are various scholarships available to undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. level applicants who have applied or are applying to study full-time at the university. These include academic excellence-based awards, student-athlete awards & English proficiency scholarships among others. Applicants will be assessed on their academic excellence, work experience, and extracurricular activities. Scholarships are awarded based on academic merit & other factors such as English proficiency.

The University of Toronto has an impressive list of alumni, including 12 Nobel Laureates and 3 Canadian Prime Ministers. Not to mention that they’ve produced many Rhodes Scholars or Supreme Court justices! With this kind of prestigious history, it’s no wonder students from all over apply for admission into their school each year – with some even getting scholarships because our tuition rates are so low compared to other universities in Canada.

The university itself boasts quite the reputable bunch themselves; having given birth/derived influence on many foreign leaders across disciplines like politics (11), music producer & songwriter(28) etcetera.

There are many scholarship opportunities for international students. Here, we list some of the most popular ones that you might be eligible to receive!

Undergraduate Scholarships

Major Entrance Scholarship Award

The McGill University scholarship provides entrance scholarships to international students who are taking courses on campus. To apply, applicants must submit a separate form or application after they become students at the university. If you did not receive your Major Entrance Scholarship award then be sure to ask about this One-Year Award!

Award: $3,000, $5,000, $10,000 or $12,000 renewable. The 12,000 is mainly for Canadian citizens and permanent residents in Canada

Other Undergraduate Scholarship

  1. One-year Entrance Scholarship – Scholarship Award: 3,000
  2. Dr. Soo Kim Lan Entrance Scholarship – Scholarship Award: 2,000
  3. MCCall Macbain Prestige Entrance Scholarship – Scholarship Award: 10,000
  4. Arthur and Crystal Lau Scholarships – Scholarship Award: 2,000
  5. McGill Faculty Major Entrance Bursaries – Scholarship Award: 10,000
  6. Sham Chellaram Entrance Scholarship – Scholarship Award: Varies

Faculty-Specific Entrance Scholarships

The Department of Engineering offers scholarships to new students. It is important that you keep in mind the conditions and requirements for these awards if you’re considering them as they can’t be transferred from one faculty or department at your university (e.g., Music) like other types would).

Award: Specified by the faculty

Other Faculty-Specific Scholarships

  1. Chandra Madramootoo Scholarship – Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Science (Varies)
  2. CAE Scholarship in Engineering Excellence – Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering or the Department of Mechanical Engineering 2,000 (minimum value)
  3. A.S. Lamb Scholarships – Faculty of Education (Value: Varies)
  4. Hope Barrington Scholarship – Faculty of Arts (2,000)
  5. Leslie Family Scholarship in Engineering – Faculty of Engineering (2,700)

Need-Based Scholarships

A need-based scholarship is for applicants or students who don’t have the finances to fund their studies abroad. Eligible applicants are those with demonstrated financial need, and after you’ve been accepted into a university overseas it will be necessary to demonstrate this inability by submitting an official letter from your loan company stating what they can no longer cover should enrollment costs arise due to tuition hikes.

Award: will be determined by the school.

Graduate Scholarships

Stavros S. Niarchos Foundation Scholarships for Excellence in Graduate Education (Masters)

This scholarship focuses mainly on international students from Greece, and are currently doing their master’s program at the university, or have just secured admission to the school.

Award: Approximately $34,000 to cover tuition, travel, and living expenses

Vanier Scholarships (Ph.D)

The prestigious McGill University offers a scholarship for postgraduate students who are enrolled in their doctoral course program. The award is over $50,000 and will be given every year to qualified applicants on the condition that applications must be submitted before September 21st of each respective academic year.

Quebec Merit Scholarship for Foreign Students (Ph.D., PostDoc)

The Postgraduate Scholarships are a set of three scholarships available for students from any part of the world. To be eligible, you need to apply by submitting your pre-selection before June 29th and if selected receive up tp £2,000 toward tuition fees!

Scholarship Amount 

Doctoral- $25,000 a year

Postdoctoral- $35,000 a year

Short Term Research- $3,000 a month.

Apply Now

It’s never too early to think about the future. If you’re looking into post-secondary education, then now is a great time because there are so many scholarships out there just waiting for students like yourself who want something more than what they already have!

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