New Canada Opportunity Update – Express Entry Requirements Reduced

The latest updates on Express Entry withdrawals in Canada were other good news for candidates who want to immigrate and live in Canada. An invitation to issue (ITA) was issued to Canadian Express (CEC) candidates. The CRS score of only 440 was assigned as the level for the 3,515 new candidates.

Rapid entry withdrawal is a continuation of the Immigration, Refugee and Canadian Citizenship (IRCC) trend by issuing invitations only to PNP and CEC candidates. This withdrawal was limited to PNP and CEC candidates as a special precautionary measure from the current global coronavirus pandemic – although it is unclear when these restrictions will be lifted. The Canadian government is trying to bridge the job gap while continuing to monitor the precautionary measures against Covid-19. Having said this, CEC’s latest rapid withdrawal was for the largest guests since May 1 and was the second-largest pre-festoon clouds since mid-March.

The last draw is a drop of the descending path in the score requirements of the last six Canadian Experience Class (CEC) draws. The May result was 452, which fell to 447 in the May 15 withdrawal, and we are now seeing another drop from seven points to 440.

The trend of a decrease in the CRS threshold since the last withdrawal of all programs on March 4 this year may have a close relationship with regular time periods and frequencies between clouds that IRCC is working harder to maintain during this global epidemic.

Frequency and time between two consecutive equivalents is a major factor having a significant impact on CRS threshold scores. Higher frequencies (shorter periods) between raffles will not give more time for candidates to create profiles in Express Entry Pool, which means fewer candidates will be invited during each raffle.

One day before the government issued an invitation from 3,515 candidates, another withdrawal of 385 Express Entry candidates was made. These candidates were nominated through the Regional Candidate Program (PNP) with a CRS severance score of 757. In addition to the human capital score, an Express Entry PNP candidate earns an additional 600 points, which explains the high CRS score threshold for candidates 385.

Canadian Express Entry runs profiles of the three major economy-class immigration programs, i.e.

  • Federal skill Class,
  • Category of Federal Skilled Workers
  • Canadian Experience Class.

Candidates are classified into three categories based on the degree awarded under CRS from Express Entry. This system takes into account certain factors such as:

  • Education Level,
  • The age of the candidate,
  • Language Proficiency

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